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Kathryn Orr
+ Company

We are a strategic consultancy committed to transforming concepts into real actions--because a brilliant insight is only as good as its execution. 

We are the bridge between "we should" and "we did".

Our Servuces

Our Services

We offer a full complement of services to align mission with marching orders, enable and sustain change, improve operational performance, to transform and grow businesses.
Adaptive Strategic Development 

We work with companies that understand the importance planning is to survival and growth of organizations. 

Marketing +

Kathryn Orr + Company provides a competitive edge with a mix of traditional and innovative approaches.

Program Management

Our company drives governance of strategic initiatives, and delivery of programs and projects in the most efficient manner.


KO+CO experts provide actionable insights to improve your day-to-day processes and give you a road map for sustainable success.


Our teams work closely with our clients to offer high-impact strategies and tactics that improve all aspects of the business launch.

Facilitation + Training

We provide design and execution of planned events such as leadership training, and crisis events stemming from dysfunctional culture or leadership transition.

The team helped me look at my business at a granular level and then incorporated those findings into the wider vision for the success and growth of my business. Kathryn is the consummate problem solver with incredible attention to detail. 
Dorothy L. Myers Managing Director - Mid-Atlantic Region


Ready to find out more?

Contact us for a complimentary 30-minute evaluation. Speak directly to our founder and receive an assessment of your needs and a preview of how Kathryn Orr + Company will address them.

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